MacBook Wake Issue

My 2019 16" MacBook Pro has had wake issues since around the time Big Sur came out. It is present in my regular user and my backup/test user. I finally realized I needed to spend more time while booted in Safe Mode. One of my previous troubleshooting steps was to boot in Safe Mode to let it do it’s checks, cache deletes, etc. But I never thought at that time to stay there for a day or 2.

The slow/incomplete wake issue, with many KPs as well, appears to be totally absent while in Safe Mode.

If anyone with some recent experience with steps/ plans to sleuth out the problem can chime in, that would be very appreciated.

Describe “wake issues” how long to wake up? What apps are running?

Open MacBook, Touch Bar comes to life, then eventually fades out, screen sometimes will lighten, usually have to close the lid and then re-open. Tapping keyboard does not improve the wake process after opening. Apple Watch unlocking does not work 90% of the time. Just offers TouchID or the I have to log in manually.

Usually taking 30 - 60 seconds to become usable. It was a very noticeable change when it started occurring.

Often, some things do not work…but closing the lid…opening after a few seconds reinstates what was missing. Almost seems like it only partially woke.

While in Safe Boot, everything comes to life almost instantly, and unlocks with the watch.

I’ve seen this panic a good number of times: panic(cpu 0 caller 0xffffff801c889d2a): Sleep transition timed out after 180 seconds while calling power state change callbacks. Suspected bundle:

Pretty simple stuff: Messages, Safari, System Prefs, Fantastical, Tweetbot, Airmail now Spark, PDF Expert, Creative Cloud in the background

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A few days ago, KP, and I left the MacBook in the state I found it for a few hours…that is no user signed in. At least 6 wakes were normal.

I have reset NVRAM, SMC, Safe Boot, disabled Enable Power Nap & Auto graphics switching

In the MenuBar: Carbon Copy Cloner, DropBox, Alfred, Sync, 1Password, TG Pro, Default Folder, Magnet. Bartender, Sophos

Just a suggestion to help diagnose; have a look at the logs/crash reports using the console app. This might give you a better idea if there is any consistency to process hanging/crashing/delaying. Also disconnect any external devices such as drives in particular a (ethernet/wifi connected) NAS drive.

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