Macbook wont sleep

Hey guys. Im asking here because other internet results have not helped.

My Macbook, 2015, OS 10.15.5, no longer sleeps:
-The sleep option in apple menu is greyed out
-If I close the lid it stays awake
-If I let time pass on battery, like tge 15 minutes its set to go to sleep, it doesnt (but screen goes off).

I was using one switch, and I think the issue may be connected to that. I have since cleaned up my setapp apps and no longer have 1 switch, or caffine. They were deleted with clean my Mac, so pretty sure everything has gone.

I have reset NVram, updated software, checked security settings for what those caffinated apps were using, and so far no solution.

Would appreciate a few pointers. I hate having to turn this computer off. Its 2015 basic macbook so it doesnt turn on super fast!


What happens if you boot from an external clone? Does it show the same behaviour?
Or maybe a nuke & pave might help?

Yeah, I havent gone that far yet. I guess im hoping for an easy fix before such measures.
I did have issues when I was using one switch: it would be greyed out when 1switch was active (preventing sleep) and that makes sense. Sometimes, however, I would have to switch 1switch on, and then off, and then the sleep would no longer be greyed out. So hence my thought that it is linked to 1switch. Ive tried reinstalling that and toggling and have no luck.

Success! No idea why but this worked!