MacBookPro M3 (16Cores 128GB)

Received my MacBook Pro couple weeks ago and I’m kind of disappointed.

My work is mainly in mail, office documents, and AutoCAD. The Mac has frizzed three or four times, and i had to force restart… I wasn’t expecting this to happen.


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This is not to be expected, of course. Does the Mac freeze when you are using a particular application, for example AutoCAD? Does it display a particular error message or black screen? Have you installed any apps that installed kernel extensions? Does the log in show anything?

I could suggest reformatting and reinstalling eveything app by app and see if the problem is solved. Another less tedious thing is to create a new User account in the Mac and see if the problem presents in that account too.


hello it freezed two time in Mail, when i was executing a keyboard shortcut (another bug*)…
i don’t have any kernel extensions and have been cautious with the applications I install. Never used the

*ps: The bug with the keyboard shortcuts is that are changing alone. (ie. i choose “F1 for red flag” or “CMD+ENTER to send” and couple days after it disapear)

Can you describe the freezing with more detail? Did a spinning beachball appear? When that freeze happens, can you switch to another application?