macOS alternative to HashTab (for Windows)? (checksum checker)

Whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS I download the firmware image using (which provides direct links to the Apple servers). On my PC I will then check the (MD5 or SHA-1) checksum before updating my device, using HashTab.

What’s a good alternative to HashTab on macOS?

What I like about HashTab:

  • It integrates in Windows Explorer (so Finder); adds a tab to default Properties page
  • I can copy/paste the checksum from the website and HashTab will show a green checkmark if the calculated checksum matches the expected checksum)

(I know I can use shamum on the command line, but that requires manual comparison of long strings)

I thought there was a Mac version

haven’t used it though.

@MereCivilian - something seems phishy about your link.

Implbits make HashTab (singular) for Windows and you can download it directly from their website.

That thing you listed is Tabs (plural) and why would Implbits push it through Nitroflare instead of hosting it themselves along with the Windows version.


I heard that there was a mac version so i googled and provided the link. I have not used it.

No intention to mislead etc.

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I was also surprised to see links to a macOS version, but none on the website of the author itself, so I did not dare to download from any of those links.

Has there never been a macOS version or did they discontinue it?