macOS App to Create File from Finder Context Menu

Can anyone suggest a macOS application that will create an additional context menu item when I right-click in a Finder folder that allows me to create a text file? The app would need to work in Mojave. I found an app called XtraFinder that does this but you have to jump through hoops to get it to work in Mojave. I’m looking for something that will work without a lot of fuss.


If you use Alfred there’s a new file workflow that works well:—-creates-a-new-file-in-the-current-finder-directory/

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New File Menu is a $1.99 app in the Mac App Store which lets you right-click to create your choice of different types of files (Plain text, Rich text, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, iWork, OpenOffice). There are a couple of apps like this, like Easy New File (same price).

However, you can roll your own Automator action to create a new file as well:


I just bought New File Menu and it works as advertised. Thanks for the suggestion!

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I used to have an Apple script that did the job for me