MacOS Automatically hide all apps after a certain amount of time - does this still exist anywhere?

Based primarily on the awesome wallpaper being created by, I want to have something running in the background that automatically hides all non-active apps after, say, 5 minutes.

Years ago, this was handled quite well by Spirited Away, an app that has itself been spirited away to the land of obsolete apps. Marco Arment’s Quitter kind of does this, but each app needs to be individually configured.

I’m hoping there’s some tiny app or subset of a bigger app that handles this. For no better reason than I like walking up to my Mac and seeing a beautiful wallpaper before I dive back into the work.

Anything I’m missing? Thanks for your suggestions!

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Quitter by Marco Arment is configurable to quit/hide apps on a per-app basis. Not exactly what you’re talking about, but potentially useful:

You could easily automate this with Keyboard Maestro

There is an app called Quitall which might do what you want. I think it might also be on Setapp if you use that


EDIT: here is the link Quitall

This is not an answer to your specific question but it might be helpful

This keyboard shortcut will hide all the applications except the foremost one.



There you go. ‎Dissolv on the Mac App Store