MacOS - custom share menu extensions

Several years of using IOS ingrained a few reflexes such as sharing links / docs to any of dozens of apps without thinking twice.
Unfortunately MacOS has a much more limited inventory of apps exploiting the share menu (in safari, finder , etc…).
Is there a way to script / make custom share actions that would behave as good Mac citizens and get listed in the share menu ?

The services menu might be helpful to you. There’s some overlap between its functionality and the share menu. Others with more experience will chime in, I’m sure.
There’s also an app that lets you customize the right-click menu, but I’ve lost the name. Maybe someone can enlighten me?

Just found this Finder extension which scratches an itch I’ve had since leaving Windows, right-clicking to create a new file.

Thanks for sharing!
The finder seems to be a bit more extensive, I was mentioning services station in another post which allowed some customization too.

Now Safari seems to be another animal altogether… For example, I have something I must do 5 times a day on my phone which is to send the URL of the current tab to someone on Whatsapp. Despite having a desktop WhatsApp client on Mac, I cannot do that. It would be interesting if there was a keyboard maestro like tool to quickly make customer share destinations.

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BetterTouchTool might be an option to build that Safari widget for you.

you can always create a palette in keyboard maestro to do this for you?

I was wondering if there was a tool that integrated that natively in the share menu rather than falling back on bettertouchtool or keyboard maestro.
It seems that the closest is using apps that exposes services to MacOS but these only live in the finder ?

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Mac Share Menu items can be coded per share-destination by the developer of the destination app.

One exception I know of relates to Photos extensions, which have their own section in the Extensions pane of System Extension. I get around the normal Share Menu limitation to using 3rd-party editors by using Alex Kent’s free Open In extension. However the extension hasn’t been updated in almost four years and is flaky on my Mojave system.

Use Automator. Create a “Quick Action”, and tell Automator to integrate it with Finder (or some other context), and it will appear in the > Quick Action menu there.

Create with Automator

Quick Action Options

Example in Finder’s Contextual Menu