macOS Dock Location

This might cause a stir - fair warning.

Where is your dock located and why?

I know I am not going to hear the end of this…
Mine is at the bottom, with 28 apps that I like to have easy access to instantly. :grinning:
My left side is being used by Yoink.

Fire away!

  • Left
  • Bottom
  • Right
  • Hiding On
  • Magnification On
  • Genie
  • Scale
  • Less than 5 apps
  • More than 5 apps
  • 1 monitor / built in display
  • 2 monitors
  • 3+ monitors

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Two Macs and Dock is handled differently, so didn’t do the poll.

iMac (27") – 2 monitors, bottom, hiding off, magnification off, genie, more than 5 apps.

MBP (15") – right, hiding on, magnification off, genie, more than 5 apps.

In the MBP, vertical space is at a premium, so dock is on the right and hidden. On the left it gets brought up too often by accident.

In the iMac, with the external (27" in portrait orientation) having it on the bottom is the only way to have it appear on both monitors. There is also plenty of real estate so it doesn’t hide.

However most launching I use Alfred.

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The apps that I use the most have interface elements on the side of the monitor, so having the Dock pop up over them when I am trying to select a tool is endlessly irritating. I don’t use the Dock that often anyway, so it stays hidden at the bottom.

I feel that Alfred and Lauchbar are missing from the poll.
Using a launcher significantly changes dock usage for most people.

Dock is for boats. Alfred is for apps :slight_smile:


Left side.

No apps except running apps.

I still wish I could use “pinning” to make it go to the top-left, so it would make a nice corner with the  menu.

Hiding is normally off unless I need to maximize screen space for something like looking at a document 2-up.

Magnification is always off. Always.

App windows minimize into the app icon itself, not a separate dock entry.

I have “Recent Apps” and “Recent Documents” in the dock, as well as the /Applications/ folder, the ~/Downloads/ folder, and the /Volumes/ folder.

Everyone who does it any other way is wrong¹. That’s just science, you can’t argue with science.

¹ Unless I change my mind and remove the Recent Apps and/or Recent Documents stacks, which I might do.

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I like mine on the Left because on the “wide” screen MacBook Air, I have more real estate horizontally than vertically.


I mostly use Launchbar but I keep the dock hidden at the bottom. In the past I kept it at the side but it was too far to travel to get to it on wide screens. Only running apps.

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Take a look on and Command-Tab and Default Folder X. No dock needed :slight_smile:

Same. And since Finder files aggregate on the right, I keep my dock (with hiding on) on the left as well.

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