MacOS Finder Search of Dropbox Folder, While Saving From Photoshop, Not Working


Wondering if anyone else may be seeing this issue/bug I have been experiencing for a while. When I create an image in Photoshop, and go to ‘Export as PNG’, many times I’ll want to find an existing file and ‘overwrite’ it. So in the Finder pop up after selecting “Export as PNG”, I try searching for the existing file and nothing appears in file search results

I first posted this on the Dropbox forums because I thought it was an issue with the Dropbox desktop app. However, after doing a little investigating, it appears to happen with other folders as well. Does anyone else experience this? :point_down: Please see my post below. Would this possibly be a bug from Photoshop? MacOS? Some app on my computer causing a conflict?

I am not using Photoshop anymore, so I can’t reproduce the bug, but it might help, to set the folder you are looking for as a favourite to the left sidebar of Finder?!

Tried that. No change. :confused: