MacOS/iOS = Tailscale

Have Tailscale set up and working (mostly working) across a number of devices.

I’m running into one issue and searches are not bringing up solutions.

ISSUE: Once Tailscale is connected on the iPhone (cell network, different than other devices) I am able to see. the target directory (yea! success) BUT the moment Tailscale is connected (can see remote network,) INTERNET stops. No browsing. Tailscale must be disabled to regain internet access.

Exit node is set through a Mac desktop.
Personally would prefer zero exit nodes…have Tailscale data go through Tailscale, and internet traffic as normal.

Anyone run into this?

Yes, exactly…and this is how it once worked…it was great.

Forget about for a little while, some technology and software updates along the way and now can’t access from cellular (I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test the iPhone from wifi of another network, albeit using the cell network is the primary purpose.

Appears this may be related to IPV6 on cellular networks…

My network, for reference, is T-Mobile 5G (at times LTE), iOS 16.1 on a current iPhone.

One of the changes to the router was switching from 192.168 ip range to 10.10 range. Doubt that would matter for Tailscale, and mentioning as a data point.