macOS public beta "stuck" on Catalina?

It’s beta-time and that’s time for excitement and impatience…

I dropped out of the beta program when Catalina was released last year, but now its time to enroll again. The Big Sur beta is up, I enrolled and immediately got the Catalina Beta 10.15.6 up, which I installed.

But no Big Sur!? I suppose I have to wait a bit before it “trickles down” the beta outlet (9 hours is a long time these days) … or did you have another experience? Any tricks?

The Big Sur public beta is not out yet.

It was expected to be released today with the iOS public betas, and some sites even reported Big Sur, only to retract that later, such as MacStories (see footnote).

I expect that you will need to install a Big Sur-specific beta profile once it does become available.

At this point I assume it won’t be until at least next week, possibly not until Dev Beta 3.

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OK. I see it back to Coming soon also now.

I hit the Beta page yesterday and the AccessUtility.dmg was available from the macOS Big Sur beta page then.

I think the reason it is not working is because it actually has not been released yet.

So no public Beta in July …

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Public betas need to be particularly stable. Apple has hopefully learned its lesson from last summer’s Catalina public beta so I applaud any delay. If you look at the update notes for beta_3 there are a lot of ‘Known Issues’ that I’m positive Apple wants to address before opening the beta to the rampaging unwashed undevs.

Why? Just for the excitement of being among the first million people to dig into an unfinished operating system?

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Now you ask, yes, new OS versions are always exciting. I’m not a professional developer, but I am no stranger to programming or submitting beta issues. Keep cool, stay safe.

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