Macro Software Recommendations

Can you recommend software for macros that is not cost prohibitive? I am thinking under $50. I have Keysmith which is included with Set App subscription but I am not sure if it is any good. Anything with not too much of a learning curve would be appreciated.

I use to love doing macros but I haven’t had a computer in quite some time. It is coming back to me though.

Keyboard Maestro

There’s none better in my opinion. Excellent software. Superior developer and community support. Widely used. As powerful and as simple as you want it to be. Loads of contributions from many communities, including this one. And a MacSparky Field Guide which will make you a macro ninja in no time.



I think that is the one I use to use! Thanks ever so much!

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100% this. KM is the thing I miss the most when I am on my work PC.


I am going a wee bit bonkers here trying to make sense of Keyboard Maestro. I understand the basic concepts but I keep “deviating from the tutorial”. LOL!

I did a couple of simple scripts that I can get to work fine but the app itself is then open.

Perhaps I need to keep KM open?

I sure wish I had $50 to buy MacSparky’s Field Guide.

If you have Launch Engine at Login checked in preferences – the default – then you don’t need to keep the main app open except when you are creating or organizing your macros.

Walk. Don’t run. This app takes time – not a lot, but some daily practice for a few minutes. And sign up for then hang out in the KM forum. The community is generous and helpful.

And so are you! Thanks ever so much! And then I think I have 2 macros done… maybe.

I am sort of use to things coming easy to me but not all things can even be learned that way (like foreign languages).

Not to mess with your head, but if you’ve updated to Monterey you now have Shortcuts on your Mac. (Plus Automator, but who’s counting?)

Shortcuts has the advantage of a simpler set of building blocks.


Don’t forget the KM wiki. Automators Talk is another good place to hang out.

What are you hoping to use KM for? Some of us may be able to advise on how to use it for particular use cases (or whether macOS Shortcuts might be better, as @quorm suggests).

Shortcuts, well, I merely collect them. I think they are so cool but they are really Mac-ish imho as opposed to Ipadish. So I am REALLY looking forward to them.

Automator I have merely heard of. Is that what MacSparky is always talking about?

I am fairly sure I had Keyboard Maestro I had about 10 years ago. Then someone deliberately gave me a virus. I could not afford a new Mac so I started on iPads.

I use to be the second nerdiest in every school I worked at, right behind the Computer Lab teacher. One was a terrific teacher for me. He let me take all the software home, install it, bring it right back. I had FileMaker Pro free! But when I started the fourth grade kids taught me. I didn’t even know how to turn it on. Someone put a Mac in the back of my classroom and I was immediately hooked.

Anyway, with the tutorial, I did a couple of scripts finally, opening folders.

Then I tried to do one to open apps. I kept getting warnings. Finally I used the recorder. I deleted a step I goofed on. Voila when I hit control option t Things 3 opens up!

(Software use to come with hard copy manuals! Much easier for me to read for some reason.)

So there is (some) hope! Thank you!

Do you think it is ok to install Monterey? Not many bugs?

I use to use macros for everything. I REALLY loved them. Just want to work/play faster, I suppose. If I learned it before, I am certain I could learn it again. Plus there are all these GENEROUS and BRILLIANT people here to help if I get stuck.

Thanks for the links!!!

What I miss are the manuals you use to get with software. I use to read them cover to cover. I love trees and everything but I think there is definitely a place for hard copy books. (Trees are a very renewable resource.) There ought to be an option. Vast majority of my books are now ebooks anyway. And I love books.

There are a lot of KM videos on YouTube.

John, I looked and didn’t find much. But I will certainly check it out again. Thank you! Any person in particular?

I’ve never watched them, so don’t know their quality.
I count 11 matches right off, one of which is a 15 part series.

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