Macsparky Email persistently going to JUNK

Every week my Sunday evening Macsparky MPU email goes to my iCloud junk folder and despite my doing everything to mark it as NOT JUNK and sending it back to the inbox, adding to contacts, adding to VIP’s, it still goes to Junk. I have even set up a rule to send all Macsparky email to the INBOX but still, it appeared in the junk folder last night.

I am at a loss, and the irony isn’t lost on me :joy:

Any top tips?

Thank you

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The same thing happens with Gmail.

I finally created a filter that says “Never Send To Spam”.

Fab - thank you. I will give that a go…

UPDATE: That isn’t an option in Mail Rules? And def not an option on iCloud web browser… :thinking:

Ugh. Come on, Apple.

That’s why I use Gmail instead of iCloud.

I assumed that iCloud “must” have a similar option, but apparently it doesn’t. (I don’t use iCloud or for my mail, because the filtering options are so poor for iCloud.)

Can you create a rule that always puts it in your Inbox? Maybe that will help? Is the “From:” address of the newsletter in your iCloud contacts so iCloud knows David is a “friend”?

Same thing happens to me with Gmail. The message I get from Gmail is that it can’t verify the message came from I agree that it’s annoying. There has to be a configuration issue as other mailing lists work correctly.


Yep! Been doing that for the last few weeks and it still won’t put it in the inbox! I’m at a loss!

You are right about the functionality in mail, but in all other aspects it works for me.

Happens to me in gmail too

Probably worth @MacSparky being aware as it sounds like an issue with the email provider.

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Yep, same problem here on iCloud.

Is @MacSparky still using HEY for email?

The Sender Policy Framework (SPF) record for (only) identifies the HEY! servers as allowed to send email on behalf of that domain:

v=spf1 -all
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I just checked my spam folder on G Suite and there was my MPU newsletter again. No amount of marking it as “not spam” will teach G Suite to file it correctly.

Not a big deal for me, as Pocket Casts gives me notifications when the new episode drops. But I thought David might want to know.