MacSparky is not spam! Although, SaneBox might object…

Just a litte curiosity… SaneBox, SaneBox of all services, is suggesting poor MacSparky as spam. :frowning: Rest assured, I won‘t put you into the Black Hole! :smiley:

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You should send sandbox this screenshot and then say that you sponsor his podcasts :rofl:

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David does send a fair bit of stuff out, but only to people that subscribe (either to free updates or to his Labs stuff).

As a mini-rant, as a mail server admin, it really ticks me off when people gripe about content they asked to get in the first place. Back in the day I even saw some bloggers advise people that if they didn’t want to hassle with figuring out unsubscribing, they could just mark messages as spam.

It’s enough to drive a person crazy. :slight_smile:

As a former email admin I suspect that’s a short drive :wink:

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