MacSparky's New Home Office


I like the Rey & BB-8; are they from Side Show Toy?


The “analog desk” is correctly called a “secretary.” I have the identical piece of furniture I inherited from my mother sitting in my living room. :heart:


David, check out this video where the guy makes a very nice desktop with a built-in wireless charger.


Never thought of a tool chest in an office setting. I have 4 of them in my garage. All are filled up or mostly filled up. It is practical in this setting.

Small spaces work, however, organization is paramount. Clutter is the bane of my existence. That is extreme. It is a strong annoyance. Personally, it is a struggle to keep clutter at bay.

You have the makings of a very usable space.


After just posting my office in the bedroom, looks like we’re moving and I’ll get an office all to myself. Very much looking forward to doing something nice with it.


The tool chest has been working out great. It’s easy to organize and get to my nerd gear and it doubles as a thing to stand behind when shooting video. It was, however, a pain in the neck getting it up the stairs and in the room.

There are a few photos below including the podcast drawer, bag packing drawer, and cable drawer.

IMG_3157 IMG_3159 IMG_3158


You can store it perfectly and keep it from sliding by using this multi layered foam by Kaizen!prettyPhoto



Rogier! What are you trying to do to me!? You are engaging my very worst impulses here.




Watched this last night. I’m planning to build a standing desk soon and have been wondering if this would work. Now I know!


A small update … because @MacExpert is an enabler.



David its ON :wink:

We are moving and this will be my new office / Mac Repair and Ham radio shack.

Mac-Expert2 Mac-Expert-1


Can’t wait to see the radio setup.


image uBitx with double extended Zepp suspended from the Palm trees with a homebrew transmatch.


Sorry for taking this off topic, @MacSparky. That is a sweet setup. I have my uBitx almost assembled and ready to go. I need to work on a better antenna before winter.


RE: the tool chest- very awesome idea! I did something similar for my photography gear. Actually, I got the idea from a photography company (but can’t remember who it was anymore). I even bought some foam pads and made tailored cut-outs for each lens. I also opted for the non-wooden too, and dropped another foam piece into the slot, so the top surface has some gove when I set down a camera or lens.


It’s been working out really well for me. And I can roll it in front of a camera as a desk when needed.


You could add some lauan plywood and trim on the edges of the tool chest and give is a warmer look that wouldn’t look too industrial. Wrap the back and sides shine it up.