MacUpdate Major Revision 2021

Along with @tjluoma I’m a pretty satisfied MacUpdater user but today in my inbox I got what appears to be the next major revision of Macupdate coming.

MacUpdate New Premium Subscription - Early Adopter

I decided to try the $2.50 per month subscription based on a few things

  1. Revison history for apps. As some of my Macs have aged out I’m running into not being able to run the latest software and I hate searching a developers webpage for previous versions. Half the time it’s not there and I’ve got to send an email

  2. Bundles - If further discounts on bundles pays for the subscription I might keep it even if it goes to $5 per month. They’ll have to entice new developers because bundles with apps that have already been in multiple bundles isn’t going to add much value.

  3. Macupdate Desktop - I’ll be doing a bake off between this and MacUpdater 2.0. I know MUD will be nicer looking but we’ll see how accuracy and performance stack up as well.

We’ll see if they can keep me as a loyal customer. I certainly wasn’t going to pay $40 annually for software updates considering half my apps are MAS and the others have solid update mechanism.

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I know that MacUpdater has a major update planned, but I have no idea if it will be subscription or not.

$2.50 * 12 = $30. So it’s cheaper than the $40/year they have been charging, at least. But $5 * 12 = $60/year and to me that’s way overpriced for what they’ve offered, and I can’t imagine that their terrible app is going to be worth it.

I might sign up just to lock in the $2.50 price and cancel it later if it turns out to be disappointing.

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Exactly my strategy. I’ll try the $30 and see what kind of user experience and deals they have. If I’m impressed I’ll make the decision on whether it’s worth $60 a year.

MacUpdater 2.0 is out:

It’s a new, one-time, $14.99 purchase; still no subscription!

EDIT: There’s also a $34.99 Pro version:


I upgraded it was only $7.99 for Version 1 owners.

I never ran into anyone using the MacUpdate apps/services. What is the usecase for it? Just for updating apps and checking for updates?

I remember that CleanMyMac also has an updater built-in for updating apps

Only for “recent” purchases:

The discounted upgrade price is available for all customers who bought a licence for MacUpdater 1 in 2020

(I have been enjoying this application a bit longer than that; so not complaining)

I bought my licence in Nov '19, typical lol

Happy to pay for the new version though :slight_smile:

I subscribed (when seeing this post) “just in case”.

Today I received an email from PayPal that they will start charging me next week.

But there’s no major revision of MacUpdate yet?

Anyone know what’s happening here?