Made My First Shortcut for Reminders to “Mimic” OF Quick Entry: Does this make me a Power User? 🙂

I just successfully made my first “multi-step” shortcut. There may be a more efficient way to do this (I’m open to suggestions), but, and don’t laugh at me, I’m rather proud of myself. :face_holding_back_tears: My goal was to “mimic” the Quick Entry of OF. This shortcut is not as easy and quick at the OF Quick Entry, but it works well.


i love that you’re trying to reproduce missing functionality with Shortcuts. Reminders really has good support for Shortcuts on top of its already great feature set.

The only “thing” keeping me in Things right now is that I type large notes in the note section and those are displayed on the list. I’m crossing my fingers that this changes in iOS 18.

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You could even use a loop to quickly add multiple reminders if you wish

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A “loop?”

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I take large notes in Apple Notes and connect them to Reminders, and I keep short notes in Reminders.

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An instruction for repeating an action.

So, “Do x y number of times.”

Or, “While condition y remains true, keep doing x.”

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Thanks for the tip but I have no experience with any kind of “programming” so I don’t know how or where to add this to the shortcut.

I’ll let @JensV weigh in on that one.

But I’m thinking one concrete example might be something like this:

You have some text that’s a list of things to do, with one item on each line. After the Receive input item, you could insert a Split text by new lines action. Your remaining steps could go inside a Repeat with each action.

It would probably need a little tweaking, but that’s the general idea.

ETA: Yes, I think any multi-step shortcut makes you a power user. :grinning:

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Shortcuts are super useful, and one of the things that keeps me in the Apple ecosystem. I have one to add a note or task to my Obsidian daily note from the dock on the (now very rare) occasion I’m not working in Obsidian.

I think you’ve been a Power User (capitalised) for some time, in spirit if not in action. :slight_smile:

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There are some notes that are just musings and ideas that I have either I have no intention of keeping or need to be further developed and dropped into a note somewhere. This is just a place to quickly jot down ideas. Notes (or Obsidian for me) seems like too permanent a destination.

You’re definitely a power user. I’d bet you’d enjoy some of the “programming” features of Shortcuts.

Well, not directly a loop maybe :smirk:.

Sorry for being in German. But this shortcut basically allows you to re-call itself until you have no more tasks to add. If you don’t enter any metadata at this stage it comes close to the multi-add function I know from OF3.

This works quite well if I’m fine entering multiple tasks by hand … but occasionally for brainstorming I use this shortcut.


You give me way too much credit! :rofl:

My ancestral home is Mosbach Germany. :slightly_smiling_face: I just wish I could read and speak a little German.