Mag cable connectors for microphones?

I use the following mag cables to connect/charge my phone, iPad and all of the AnimalTrakker Android tablets.

Digital Ant Mag charging cable

I also was using these small microphones which provide really good sound into my phone.

Lavalier microphones

These come with a lightning to mic jack cable

I’m trying to get set up to be able to do quick video capture on my phone with stuff I can carry all the time. When trying to do sheep video capture I can’t take the time to take my phone out of its Otterbox case and remove the Digital Ant connector and connect stuff because by then the event has happened.

What’s missing from this to make it all work is some connector that goes from the Digital Ant piece on the phone back to a lightning connector.

Does anyone know where I might find one?

Search for Anker USB-A to Lightning Audio Adapter Cable, MFi Certified Female Lightning Dongle, Supports Volume Control and Mic for Headphones, Earphones, Earbuds, and More.

You’ll come out from your phone with the Digital Ant cable, go through the Anker adaptor, and go through the cable to your lavalier mic.


If you can’t find what you want, how about a GoPro mounted on your head or chest?

Wrong sex. That has a female USB but male lightning

If I use the Digital ant cble on the phone then what I need to adapt my microphone adapter dongle is a female USB to female lightning connector and a search for those has come up empty. Altrnatively a USB A female to headphone female would also work.

Clockwise from top. The tiny connector that is in the phone lightning port. then the magnetic connector and red Digital ant cable ending in USB male connector. The gap. Then the male Lightning to Headphone mic adapter and then the mic male end.

All complicated by the case my phone is in that makes it impossible to remove the tiny piece that is in the lightning port that the magnetic cable attaches to.

Well, given as your husband is an engineer:

Though if it’s a charging cable, it might not be wired to pass through audio.

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We don’t have a spare of the red cables to sacrifice and I use it on a bunch of other tablets as well. I may hav eto just stop using it on my phone and go back to the standard lightning connector :sigh:

I think you could do it with this:

Female lightning to male usb-c

Female usb-c to female usb-a