Magic Keyboard for iPad pro with remote desktop

I’d like to confirm the following from anyone who has this product:

Can you use the Magic Keyboard on an iPad pro and remote desktop -and- once in the remote machine, your movements/gestures on the Magic Keyboard trackpad correspond to the movement of the mouse on the remote machine?

Thank you!

Sorry, deleted my earlier post. I was thinking of mouse behavior generally when I wrote it, not trackpad gestures specifically. Those seem to stay mapped to iOS; I haven’t investigated enough to know if there’s a way to change that.

Scrolling works as expected, though.

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Thank you! Let me clarify…I don’t mean the gestures that might be specific to iOS, but just the mouse controls on the remote machine…movements/scrolling/left and right clicking on trackpad…do those correspond to the remote machine as well or are there some limitations?

Just to clarify—do you mean Apple Remote Desktop? Or Microsoft Remote Desktop?

I don’t have Apple Remote Desktop, but I can say that, using Screens, the trackpad gestures, etc. are all all reflected on the Mac. (Two finger click = same, etc.) The only thing is you can swipe between spaces on the Mac since the same gesture swipes between apps on the iPad.

If you mean Microsoft Remote Desktop, I can tell you that it’s very good, but not all the way there yet. Microsoft has indicated in their release notes that full cursor support is coming, but they want to get it right. Even so, the current implementation is WAY better than the touch implementation was, and significantly better even than navigating with Pencil.

As an aside, I think it’s wild that I can be on my iPad pro and swipe between my home Mac and my office pc with basically zero friction. Very cool stuff.

Ah. Got it.

It depends on what you’re trying to do (at least in Jump Desktop, which is what I have available to test).

The trackpad works as expected for moving the mouse around on the remote machine. Clicks and right clicks also work just fine, as does vertical scrolling.

Swipe left/swipe right don’t work — those stay mapped to iOS. The same is true for 3 and 4-finger swipes.

Because those multi-finger swipes don’t work, it’s not possible to move between spaces on the remote machine using the trackpad, but the control key in conjunction with the right and left arrow keys will do the trick. If you need to add a space, control-up arrow will give you what you need.

Microsoft Remote Desktop – yes, it works well with the trackpad acting as a mouse on the remote system, but you have to switch the setting from “mose mode” to “touch mode” on the iPad, which took me a while to figure out when I first started using it.