Magic Keyboard-like Device For iPad Mini

I have an 11" iPad Pro that I use around the house, but I prefer taking my 6th-gen iPad Mini with me when I’m out. The one thing I miss about traveling with the Pro is the Magic Keyboard. Is there device like the Magic Keyboard that I can use with the Mini? Something with a keyboard, trackpad and some sort of stand for the iPad.

Note that I don’t actually want something the size of the Mini since that’s too cramped. In an ideal world I would be able to use the Magic Keyboard with my Mini as well, but obviously the Mini lacks Smart Connector.

I recently bought the 11" Brydge MAX+ keyboard+trackpad case. It was almost perfect, except the trackpad was flakey. The Brydge app is also no longer available, so I can’t even update the firmware on the keyboard to see if that helps.

Do you really need a pointing device? I occasionally carry an old Magic Keyboard that I once used with a Mac mini. That and the $20 Smart Cover from Amazon on my iPad Pro is all I’ve ever needed.

Need, no, but it would definitely be preferred. I already have a folding keyboard I sometimes use with my Mini and I could bring a small Bluetooth mouse with me as well, but I would prefer something all-in-one that could also be used in my lap.

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