Magic Keyboard & Trackpad Stands

Given the emphasis, Apple puts on their health initiatives the woeful ergonomic design of its peripherals is an anomaly.

I recently moved from a Keychron Keyboard to the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID, primarily due to my recent purchase of a Mac Studio Ultra to replace my Macbook Pro 16" as my daily driver. I find the Touch ID too valuable to go without it.

The Magic Keyboard sits flat on your desktop. I found that my typing accuracy decreased and the position of my wrists started to cause discomfort.

I search Thingiverse to see what stands were available to put an angle on the Keyboard. I soon found one I liked and then thought about modifying the design to allow for the Magic Trackpad to be joined to the keyboard when it suits the task I am working on.

I used Tinkercad to double the width of the stand so I could use it to join the 2 devices together.

For the narrow stands, I used double-sided tape to stick them to the devices. the wide stand sits loose so I can slide it out when required to link the devices together. Rubber pads on the bottom of the stands give grip to stop the devices from sliding.

I already have noticed an improvement in typing. I will test them out for a while and may look to increase the rear height a little bit more.

If interested you can download the STL files here