Magic Keyboard with Touch ID stopped unlocking clamshelled MBA M2

I’m running the Ventura beta.

I think this was working fine before the latest beta. But now, I have to always type in my unlock code. TouchID stopped unlocking from the Magic Keyboard.

Touch ID works everywhere else it should once the Mac is unlocked.

When it goes back to sleep, it’s the same dance: type in the passcode.

Anyone else dealing with this? Any thoughts on what might be happening?


I have to unlock with a passcode only when I restart my Mac. TouchID works flawlessly for me. I am running the latest Dev Beta.

Yeah, I expect that case (restart), buit this was happening every time it locked.


This morning, it started working again. Magically.

When it does fail it’s only when using the wireless keyboard with touch id built in and the MBA closed in clamshell mode.

That’s how I run mine pretty much all of the time.

I’m gonna accept the magic solution, even though magic solutions just mean that it’s an intermittent failure. If the problem was prompted by the latest beta, there hasn’t been a subsequent update to give the credit to for the fix.

So I’ll expect to see this again.



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