Magic Mouse devotee trying Magic Trackpad

I have used mice for, oh, about 40 years and counting. When I started using Macs in 2012 I switched to the Magic Mouse, and actually loved it. Pretty much just ignored the trackpad for the most part. So, my mouse muscle memory is incredibly strong and ingrained.

That said, in the last day or two I have decided to give the trackpad a real try. I instantly like it quite a bit, but do find I am not real accurate at swooping across the screen and landing on some particular area. I am either overshooting or undershooting quite a bit, whereas I would swear with the mouse I always go right to the point. Is this something I will obviously get better at with practice, or is using a mouse just always going to be naturally more precise with finding a spot across the screen? (I have the sensitivity settings on highest)


It just takes practice.


Why choose between the two? I use and have been using both for years!

The Trackpad is a bit better for gestures and mouse is a bit better for precision. I’ve got both next to my keyboard and use each one when needed.


That’s a thought - I just figured I would go all one way or the other… But you’re right, nothing REQURIES me to choose. It’s a little discombobulating to me to think about going back and forth but I suppose one could figure out such a workflow as well.

As you keep using both your muscle memory will kick in and you’ll just grab the device more suitable for the task at hand, i.e. switch between desktops → Trackpad, precision click in an image editor → Magic Mouse etc.


If you haven’t already, check out BetterTouchTool. Useful for all kinds of stuff, including adding various gestures to your trackpad usage. But also includes stuff for keyboard shortcuts, Magic Mouse and many other automations, gestures, etc.


Yep - have had BTT for a long time, but not used it too much since it is better for the trackpad than the Magic Mouse (although I have used some BTT gestures on the Mouse also). Being able to go whole hog with BTT and the trackpad is one of the main things making me want to try it. Although at the moment I am losing a little bit of pinpoint accuracy in moving from one end of the screen to the other, I think the other benefits more than make up for it.

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This made me think, I bet BTT has a setting for this, and sure enough it does! Modify trackpad speed when holding command, control, etc (see screenshot), or by setting up a trigger to “toggle mouse speed”

This thread is worth a read, I urge you to consider using both Trackpad and Mouse :slight_smile:

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I noticed that. Seems like it could be a way to help with the precision in certain key scenarios.

I own both. I am a big fan of the Magic Mouse although it takes a certain amount of flack on podcasts that I listen to.

I have never been able to integrate the trackpad into my work system. Perhaps it is because I am not particularly ambidextrous with an uncoordinated left hand. Perhaps because I only rarely use laptops and have not really trained myself on trackpads in that arena. I own BTT and made a few gesture related actions for the trackpad but still prefer launching scripts with keyboard or mouse.

I throw this out just to say that if you never really incorporate the trackpad, you are not alone. But nothing I am saying should really discourage you. People are different. I know folks that use the dual mouse/trackpad existence. I know some people who prefer the trackpad over the mouse.

For me, my trackpad sits neatly and forlornly up along the left side of my keyboard. I most frequently use it when my mouse loses its Bluetooth connection with the computer (which for some reason occurs much more with me using my new MacStudio and Sonoma than it has in the past)

Due to a mixup with my order of a 2010 MacPro (I was delivered a 2009 model in error), the Apple Store manager gave me an original Magic Trackpad. “Gee”, I thought to myself, “why would I want this?”.

The result was I stopped using a mouse with my Macs years ago.

Although curiously, I just found my old Magic Mouse, replaceable battery version, and started playing with it. Not sure it will earn a permanent place on the desk however.

Me too! Also, having to use a mouse that works with Windows is very painful compared to my Magic Mouse, let alone the inferior quality of a Windows trackpad…

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Same here - I use both. I do find that when using a trackpad and switching a lot between windows that my fingertips get sore because the trackpad requires more finger taps than a mouse to get some tasks done.

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Must say that my Magic Mouse is my least favourite apple device, mainly due to the ergonomics. The gestures are great and the size for travel is great.

I do rather love my Logitech MX Master mouse and trackpad setup, where the mouse is used more for precision moves and the trackpad gestures and navigation stuff. The app I’m using also appears to influence what pointing device I would use.