Magic Trackpad 2 Battery Issues - Replace With Magic Trackpad 3?

I have a Magic Trackpad 2 that I’ve almost certainly had for 5 or more years. The battery lately dies so incredibly rapidly. A day and a half on a full charge. I used to use it wired, but the way my current computing setup works that’s not all that feasible.

It looks like I MIGHT be able to get Apple to do a battery service for $29 (I’d have to check local stores - I can’t be without it for any extended period of time). And it would cost me $12 in gas to get to the store, so call it $41. Oh, and I’m sure Apple would peel my loop velcro off the bottom - so add another $1 for aftermarket velcro. :slight_smile:

Looks like the Magic Trackpad 3 is $129 (or $149 with the absurd tax Apple charges for black peripherals!)

Is the MT3 enough better than the MT2 that I should consider the upgrade? Is fixing a 5-year-old MT2 not a great idea? Thoughts?

I went from a 2 to a 3 with my last upgrade. I don’t notice any difference.

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Dig out one of those tiny chargers Apple used to include with a phone and keep running it plugged in. Or use an old power bank battery that you kept just in case you might need it some day.

Most of us have something that we can use to delay giving Apple more money. :wink:


That’s actually a really good idea. Low-capacity USB battery banks are super-cheap. :slight_smile:

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