Magic Trackpad 2

Does the surface (glas) of the Magic Trackpad 2 feel cold on colder days? On the Magic Trackpad 1 i don’t like this feeling on the aluminium and i don’t use it. :frowning: But maybe the 2nd gen is better?

The Magic Tackpad 1 is glass as well.

I have lived with my Magic Trackpad 2 in Eastern Canada and the North Eastern USA where there is no shortage of cold winter and this never bothered me… but just because it hasn’t bothered me doens’t mean it won’t bother you!

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Thx. I will go and visit an Apple Store and try it.

I’ve been using one for around 3 years and it feels the same year-round. Previously I’d used Logitech MX mice over a period of 8 years and thought I’d never want anything else, but I quickly fell in love with the Magic Trackpad.

If you get it, you MUST get a copy of BetterTouchTool, which supercharges the Trackpad to customize window movements/snapping, app-launching, and more. Lets you configure commands via your choice of gesture: single-double-triple-quad finger tap/swipe/press. There’s a 45-day free trial, and a 2-year license costs $6.50 (or a lifetime license costs $20). Here’s a quickie video showing BTT doing app-launches.

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