Magic Trackpad?

Does anyone know how easy it is to use a Magic Trackpad on multiple devices? I pretty typically switch between two Macbook’s and a iPad. Thanks for any that have done this!

You will need to unpair it from one device before you can pair it to another.

I’ve read comments by people who say they can turn off Bluetooth on device one then pair it to a second device. But that requires you to keep BT turned off on one device as long as you are using the other. I don’t recommend it.

It’s worth noting that pairing it with a Mac is as simple as plugging the trackpad into a Lightning cable, so moving back and forth between a couple of Macs isn’t too bad. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work with the iPad (even if the iPad has a USB-C port).

Thank you! Here is my use case: I typically have two laptops on my desk. One is for the Zoom camera and sharing of Keynote slides. The other is for taking notes in meetings. My “Zoom laptop” is elevated for a better camera angle and sitting slightly out of reach. For this laptop, I use a bluetooth keyboard to navigate chat within Zoom. So far, I’ve been reaching up to access the trackpad on this computer, but it is a little uncomfortable if I need to do much mouse navigating. I am thinking I would like to use a trackpad instead that is within better reach. 85% of the time, my “Zoom” laptop is the same laptop, but occasionally if I’m having trouble, I’ll switch them. It sounds like I can just plug in if that happens. The iPad isn’t a big deal and I can live with it not being supported — although I find this surprising.

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The lightning cable will be your best friend to switch between two Macs. Do that and it’ll work OK. Switching via Bluetooth is a giant PITA.


I have a magic keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2 (and a Kensington Orbit trackball) that I swap between two Mac minis… They’re all plugged into a cheap hub and I just move the one USB-A plug back and forth between the two machines whenever I need. This has the ‘benefit’ of keeping the devices charged all the time.

I have never tried to use any of them with the iPad Pro that sits next to them, but I assume could do the same with a USB-A to USB-C adapter. I didn’t know if I could do the same to swap them to the iPad, but I just tried it and it worked. :slight_smile:

I just tried it and it did work; the keyboard, magic trackpad 2, and even my Kensington orbit trackball started working with the iPad when I plugged them in via USB-C.

Maybe you meant they won’t then stay paired to the iPad, which I didn’t test, but if you plug them in, they work. (1st gen 11" iPad Pro)

That’s correct. The Magic Trackpad 2 will work in wired mode when you plug it into an iPad, but unlike a Mac, plugging the trackpad into an iPad won’t pair it. You have to go into Bluetooth settings and pair it manually.