Magical Apple Experiences #Magical

Whats the most magical experience you have had using Apple products?

For me it was my wifes Mac asking me for the (recently changed) WIFI passcode on my iPhone #Magical

When I bought my iPad Pro, I also bought the Apple keyboard cover. After setting up the ipad, I snapped on the keyboard, opened it, and it was automatically configured to use Dvorak, just like my MacBook Pro. Having jumped through hoops off and on for years trying to get 3rd party glass keyboards to work in Dvorak, and eventually giving up, this was quite magical.

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A few come to mind.

  1. A few years ago I was setting up a new Time Capsule and it unexpectedly asked me if I wanted to import all my settings from my old existing time capsule…seemed like magic at the time.

  2. Touch ID (still no iPhone X for me). Both to unlock the phone but also paired with 1Password to login without always having to type in my long 1Password!! Same feeling on my touchbar MBPro…magical

  3. AirPods!! …magical!


About a decade ago I convince my audiophile brother to move over to the Mac from Windows. I asked him how his experience was. He said that he finally understands the true meaning of plug-and-play!! Everything JUST works. I was a proud sister that day. :slight_smile:

Pairing an Apple Watch with an iPhone is a pretty slick process. Speaking of the Apple Watch, people in stores continue to be impressed when I pay with my watch.

I mentioned it in a different thread, but the moment I realised I could rename a PDF filename, while having it open in Preview and being able to scroll and view the content of that PDF, was magical to me.

I had just moved from a PC, where I had long accepted that save dialogues covering just about the entire file you are trying to see, to get the details of, was the norm. My dance that I repeated over and over each day, involved opening a pdf, checking its name, closing it, right-clicking it, selecting Rename, start typing the details, closing it (as I would inevitably forget all I needed to type), and then repeating that process until it was finally renamed in my naming construct.

The second magical moment, that same day, was when Spotlight found text within a PDF, in mere seconds. “Search” suddenly became useful, as opposed to something that seemed to take forever, and had to ‘re-index’ each time it was invoked.

None of the above is anything unusual, but think it’s these small things that easily get overlooked, or are underappreciated - especially if one hasn’t ‘seen’ how things work on the other side.

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Several years ago (about 2012), I visited our local Apple Store. Our family computer at that time was barely usable and we wanted something new. Since I was really happy with my iPhone, we also wanted to check out the Apple computers.
We told the Specialist about our frustrations with the old and slow Windows laptop. He aknowledged it and in addition to giving us much information about Macs, he did an impressive demo. He opened about 20 different applications on the MacBook Pro, some of which were rather powerful ones like iMovie, iPhoto et cetera. To my astonishment, the machine still worked, the cursor did move when you put your finger on the trackpad and while it took a while until all applications were opened (keep in mind this was also the time before SSDs), it did not freeze. For comparison, our Windows laptop at that time struggled with two applications opened at the same time and the fans were blowing constantly even when the machine was not under load.*

Well, and so our journey on the Mac began… :smiley:

*Of course, comparing an old Windows machine with a brand new MacBook is not a fair comparison. But still, looking back (and comparing with my relatively up-to-date Gaming PC), the amount of troubleshooting and fresh installs needed on our Windows machines was always a lot higher. And that demo in the store was impressive either way.