Magsafe advice…

I’ve been on the fence about MagSafe since I got my iPhone 12 Pro Max months ago, but now I’m getting the itch more and more to try it out. How do you like it? What case do you use? Think all the iPhones will eventually be MagSafe? I use the otterbox defender but will need to get a new case to try it. Any advice about MagSafe?


I love MagSafe. I’m up to four MagSafe pucks at this point (bedside, desk, kitchen, and work). It’s totally replaced Qi charging at this point and I rarely plug an iPhone in.


Same. The only problem stopping me having lots of chargers is the fact the chargers are really quite expensive compared to other options.


I got my MagSafe two weeks before my iPhone 13 mini arrived, today. So far, I love it! The fact that it can charge wirelessly while I use my phone is the best part. I have it on my desk where I work most of the time. I’m planning to get one more for my SO’s iPhone 12. I don’t plan to use a case as I like my phone naked. The last time I used a proper case was with the iPhone 3G, my first one. Planning to get the Apple Magsafe wallet in the near future.

You can buy a steel ring that you can add to any case. It will allow you to use any case that isn’t MagSafe.