MagSafe bike mount

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With the new “bike computer” software in the upcoming iOS, I’m looking for a secure bicycle mount that’s relatively easy to mount, secure, and will still allow me to use my MagSafe bedside charger without changing cases.


for my iPhone, of course

The new MAG case they have is MagSafe compatible and you’ll be able to securely mount the phone to your bike - I wouldn’t want to rely just on MagSafe - at least not with the state of some of our local roads!

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I’m a big fan of the Peak Design system. It’s magnetic + a physical connection and they have a bunch of options for mounting.


I was looking at this as well. I believe they are on Amazon.

Having owned both the Quad Lock and Peak Design systems, I have to put my recommendation forward as Peak Design.

I have a pile of reasons, however here are a few:

The mechanism on the Peak Design is far better, the Quad Lock is bulky and not 100% reliable in my experience.

The case for the Peak Design system is my favourite case of all time, thin and great materials, it also lasts, whilst the Quad Lock case is thick, bulky and very plastic.

The mounting system on my bike looks quite good, and they have a broader range of other accessories.

(own the Peak Design Case for iPhone 13 & 14 Pro, Push Bike Mount, Motorcycle Mount, Tripod & Wallet)

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Don’t forget the Mous mounts… I’ve not used the Quad or Peak setups so I can’t compare but I’ve had the Mous case for a little while and I did actually buy a few of the mounts for it… It’s pretty difficult to disconnect as it’s a physical connection not magnetic. I’m not going to try to destroy my case to test the theory as there are YouTube videos doing that and Mous came out pretty good as I recall. Anyway, just an fyi if your’e on the fence.

I picked up a Peak Design case and mount. It seems to meet my needs extremely well. Thank you for the advice.

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How’s it been for you? I am still looking and leaning this way now.

Actually went for my first ride using the bike mount today. It positioned the phone in an excellent position, very readable. It seems to be very secure. Also, the matching case works fine for daily use and my bedside MagSafe charger.

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Glad it’s worked out for you, I was amazed at the case, is now my fav case of all time. Great to hold, looks great and very long lasting.

I had been using the apple leather cases for the past 10 years, they always fell apart after 9-10 months of use.

You’ll find little Peak Design items now filling your life, for me it didn’t take long to get the wallet, motorbike mount, another bike mount, mobile tripod, and my favorite accessory the car mount that is awesome.

Yep they got me :wink:

I love the idea of mounting my iPhone on my bike, but I’m worried it will overheat in the summer.

I live in New Zealand and our summer time temp, where I live, is roughly 27 degrees C or 80 degrees F.

If I let my phone sit out in the sun, it overheats.

Is it different when cycling? Does the movement keep the phone cooler?

I have both quad lock and peak design and I end up using the Peak case far more often. The quad lock fell off more than once on the MTB trails and I just couldn’t trust it after that. It’s weird, because it seems like it should be far more secure than the Peak, but it wasn’t the case for me.

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DP review recently posted a lengthy and favorable review of the Peak Design setup

I loved the idea, too, but I heard that mounting an iPhone on the bike (rather than carrying it in a pocket or bag) transmits all the vibrations and shock from bumps directly through the frame directly into the phone’s hardware, including its camera components, and can eventually cause issues and premature failures.

I’m now thinking a dedicated bike computer may be a better way to go, or just rely on the Apple Watch on my wrist.


I use a bike computer, because I did the math and realized that if it flies off it’s cheaper to replace a bike computer than it is to replace a phone. Even the fanciest Garmin Edge 1040 Solar maxes out at something like 2/3 the cost of a current-year iPhone, and at the time I was considering the Edge 130, which cost something like 10% the price of my phone.


Below is the Apple article on it, but it is the vibration of motorcycle engines, not normal bicycles (at least as far as I found when I researched this long ago). Have you found anything different?

As a semi-serious cyclist, I can say a Garmin/Wahoo/Hammerhead is the way to go though. Its battery will last a full day or more while using a GPS, it can display all the stats to be easily readable, it syncs with the bike components (if you have that kind of bike), will warn you of upcoming hills etc. They are just better tools for the job. Unless you are just a casual cyclist making short trips, then a phone or Apple Watch is fine.

Exposure to vibrations, like those generated by high-powered motorcycle engines, might impact iPhone cameras - Apple Support.


Yeah I’ve decided just to keep my phone in my backpack or pocket after thinking about the vibration issue.

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Sorry, somehow I missed this until just now. No, I have no special info, I just saw a few recommendations on forums to avoid it. On a bicycle I suppose it might depend on whether you ride on smooth pavement or rough trails, how stiff your frame is, whether you have suspension and if so how good that is, etc., plus how often you ride.

Thanks for the recommendation re. a dedicated bicycle computer. I’m a relatively casual rider, but I like the idea. Maybe after I get around to upgrading my current bike… :thinking:

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I could not strap a PC (in a padded case inside a messenger bag) to the rack over my motorcycle’s rear wheel. (Ask me how I know this. :slightly_smiling_face: ). But I could carry it on my back with the messenger bag strap diagonally across my chest with no ill effects to the PC. My body provided enough damping for the PC to survive the commute back and forth to work.

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