MagSafe case & charger

Come on guys… what are they like?? Are they worth the big price tag?!

I have a cheap case on my iPhone 12 at the moment… so tempted to upgrade to the clear case to show off the beauty!

I’m really liking the MagSafe charger. I’ve had a problem in the past where my phone gets bumped off the center of the Qi charger on my nightstand and I’m greeted by a low battery when I wake up. MagSafe is a great solution for that which doesn’t involve plugging in a cable (first world problems and all that).

I brought a MagSafe case, but haven’t used it much. I normally run my phones caseless (except for the occasional battery case). I figured the MagSafe cases would be easier to get on and off, so I could run caseless most of the time but use a case in certain situations. The MagSafe case is definitely easier to get on and off than most cases, but aside from trying it out I just haven’t had occasion to use it yet.

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If I understand MagSafe, it looks like it will be ideal for mounting on a dashboard too, rather than putting a piece of metal inside your phone case, which then prevents Qi charging.

Beauty, not the word I’d use for the Clear iPhone case with pass through MagSafe, :face_vomiting:

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I’ve not seen anything regarding the strength of MagSafe which suggests it will be strong enough for that @JohnAtl. Anecdotal stories on podcasts suggest that lateral force especially seems to require not much opposition before separation.

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Belkin seems to disagree.

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The Apple clear case fits well but the buttons are pretty smushy and I find it to be really slippery but YMMV. I’ll pick up a leather one when they come out in a couple of weeks, even if MagSafe will leave a circle on them, haha.

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I really enjoy my red silicone case with MagSafe. In fact, I went ahead and purchased a few more MagSafe chargers. Is it much easier than plugging in a lightning cable? Not by much. But it’s enough to where I find myself using it!

Maybe Belkin don’t have potholes. :man_shrugging:t2:

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I’m curious about how easy it is to pick the phone up off the charger — is it a two-hand operation?

And similarly, does the cable coming out of the charger have any extra reinforcement? Or does it seem likely to fail like Apple’s lightning cables? (Even if you pull the cord to remove the charger from the phone?)

Can someone help me understand the benefits of a MagSafe case? The phones themselves have the magnet built-in, isn’t it?

By using the magnets to help hold the case on MagSafe cases at least potentially don’t have to grip the phone quite as much, making them easier to get on and off. MagSafe cases also allow you to use the MagSafe charger through them, whereas a non-MagSafe case might put the charger too far from the phone magnets to get good alignment.


Jason Snell’s phrasing here doesn’t give me any confidence.

“ Apple’s MagSafe charger is well made, an aluminum paddle with a white cord that looks like the big sister to the Apple Watch charger. It attaches to the iPhone with a pleasing magnetic snap, and removing it is easy—you can even do it with one hand, using a finger to flick it off.”

He doesn’t say “Push it off” he says “flick it off”

This suggests to me that a jolt will disengage it, e.g. a Pothole (in the car scenario)

Interesting data on MagSafe charging rates with different power adapters. Evidently the Apple 20w charger provides the best results.

Moment has an array of MagSafe mounts. Evidently they’re using a combination of stronger magnets and a grippy rubber pad.

Exactly! They look terrible and I’m surprised that they made them to begin with. I think it would’ve been better to not include the MagSafe on the clear cases. It doesn’t look like there are any first-party non-MagSafe clear cases for the iPhone 12 lineup.