MagSafe charger holder for both Standby Mode and Continuity Camera

I have been looking for a simple, hopefully cheap-ish, adapter to mount my iPhone 13mini behind my desktop monitor to use as a Continuity Camera. Now with ios17 Standby Mode, I’d love to have a mount that can swivel 180° so I can keep the phone above my monitor and flip it over when I need to use Continuity Camera, then keep it in Standby Mode the rest of the time. So it needs to charge or just be a holder for the MagSafe charger puck. I’d prefer MagSafe so it’s dead simple to use, any fiddling and I imagine I wouldn’t get in the habit of using it.

I should mention I do have a tripod mount attached to my desk as well, I have an old canon SLR camera set up I tried to use as a webcam, but I haven’t made the time to troubleshoot all the nuances and issues I’ve had with that. So I could use a tripod mount as well.

Any recommendations? Thanks!

This is so close to what I’m looking for. This is the ideal flipping mechanism I had in mind, I just don’t trust that kind of adhesive attachment at all (I’d prefer a 1/4in tripod mount) and I would really want a charging MagSafe attachment, or just a slot for the puck to go in.


I started wishing for this today. Did you ever find a product able to take a MagSafe charger?

No, I’m waiting for the recommendations to come in. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m looking for a low profile, MagSafe, 3 in 1 charger.

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Just a thought, but have you considered a RAM (or Arkon) MagSafe puck holder? Their standard 1" ball mounts can connect to 1/4" tripod mounts, plates with screw mounts, suction mounts etc. They’ve also developed their own MagSafe charger.

If you want a stylish (or visible!) solution, this probably won’t be for you, but I thought I’d mention it as a different type of product to consider.

I haven’t bought a MagSafe holder yet **, but will report back when I do!

Best wishes,

** I’ve used RAM mounts to hold (and hide) three Hue Play bars rock steady at exactly the right angles behind my iMac (so that I only see their light indirectly, reflected off the walls behind, and am not staring into a bright light when on video calls).

PS for those in the UK, I’d recommend BuyBits for great prices and fast shipping on RAM (and similar) parts.

I did find some bits and bobs I think would work, but I finally just updated to Ventura and am realizing a separate issue I’ll note below.

I think this mount someone is 3d printing and selling on etsy would fit what I’m looking for; I need a 1/4in screw on the bottom and a magsafe mount on top.

Then using this action camera 360 mount adapter there on that 3d printed piece and the magsafe adpater would allow it to spin around for Continuity Camera or Standby Mode.

Right now I’m just using a pole attached to my desk that has a ball mount and regular tripod head and then a regular iphone tripod mount (basically this). My caveat I’m finding now that I’m testing this is that I need to keep wifi on. I work 100% remote and upload/download a ton of video files, so I use a wired internet connection, and the only sure fire way I’ve found to make sure my internet is only coming through the cable is to keep wifi off. So I have to either turn on wifi or plug in a cable to the port on the phone (magsafe is battery only, correct?) to be able to use Continuity Camera.