MagSafe Duo Charger - faster for Apple Watch?

I got the MagSafe Duo charger for my nightstand as I’m awaiting the new iPhone 13 mini and already have an Apple Watch Series 4.

My idea is to charge the iPhone on the MagSafe duo and top off the ape watch each night before sleep as I wear it when I sleep

But does anyone know if the MagSafe Duo charger charges faster than the original Apple Watch series 4 charger connected to an ordinary usb plug?

I use a large USB-C charger for the iPad Pro with the MagSafe Duo, but is the MagSafe duo charging the series 4 slower than the other way or is the same?

As long as you have a 20w or better adapter, the watch will charge just as fast on the duo as on its own charger. With a 15w adapter, the watch will charge slower if the phone is also connected. Below 15 (if I read right), the watch won’t charge when a phone is charging. This article has a lot of good technical information:

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Thanks. I have the largest usb-c charger plugged into the MagSafe duo charger and it seems to be charging well. I just placed my iPhone 8 on the MagSafe duo and it charged that thing as well, which blew my mind.

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