MagSafe vs USB-C Charging M1 Max?

I suppose I should know this but I don’t. Are there advantages (e.g., charging time) or other advantages in charging the MBP 14" using USB-C vs MagSafe? I don’t see a need to use MagSafe unless I’m traveling and/or out and about. But, using MagSafe keeps a USB-C slot open. Is charging faster with USB-C? Other thoughts?

I know that with MagSafe you have fast charging. However, I have the MBP M1 Max fully loaded GPU 32 ram and I use usb c since I use one cable for almost all my stuff. MagSafe cable is on a ziplock stored and I haven’t touch it and I find that it charges fine. The charger that I use is from my 2016 mbp.


Both charging methods have fast charging, it all depends on the actual charger you use. For me, I am connecting it to a dock that has all the peripherals connected, and can charge as well.

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With a 14" you seem to have more options for fastcharging than with the 16":

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For the 14" (mine just shipped, yay!) I see four advantages to MagSafe:

  1. It frees up a Thunderbolt port
  2. If the charging cord is unexpectedly yanked, the chance of damage is greatly reduced.
  3. I have USB-C cables attached to chargers everywhere I commonly use my “portable” notebook.
  4. Less wear and tear on a Thunderbolt port (I’ve never had an issue with it, but some people have expressed concern)

If those things aren’t advantages for you then I don’t see any benefit to MagSafe over USB-C for the 14" MBP.

(I was worried about the return of MagSafe: I’ve really enjoyed being freed from having to use Apple’s (kind of poor) power bricks, and I was absolutely not looking forward to having a cable permanently attached to a brick again, but Apple’s implementation this time around is perfect and addressed all of my fears. Well done Apple!)

ETA: I just realized #3 is a point in favour of USB-C :laughing:

Excellent points, that settles it for me. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks. I’m considering ordering the 140W USB-C Power Adapter + USB-C to MagSafe 3 Cable