Mail Act-On Alternative

Does anyone have a good alternative to Small Cubed’s Mail Act-On? I have been using it for years for only 2 purposes…delayed email delivery and keyboard based filing of messages. The new version, which is the only one to be compatible with Mojave, will be sold as a paid upgrade as part of a suite with all of their other products as part of a plug-in bundle. I don’t have any need for the extra stuff there, so I wanted to see if anyone had any recommendations on any similar products to what Mail Act-On offers.

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Free alternatives?

If you are looking for something to do those two tasks automatically, as does Mail Act-On, then I suggest looking for AppleScript solutions that can be incorporated into mail rules.

Otherwise, you’d be looking at something like Keyboard Maestro which comes with the two features you don’t want from SmallCubed – it costs the same or more, and has more power than you need.

FWIW, the SmallCubed products are really very good and worth the upgrade and exploration of their features, IMO.

I’m in the same boat. I use MAO for filing messages. I’m trying Msgfiler. But I don’t like it as much as MAO.

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I also only use the keyboard based message filing and was looking at MsgFiler.

What are it’s shortcomings vs Mail Act-on?

MailHub does what you want and no more. Works with Mojave.

Here are few things I don’t like about MsgFiler:

  • can’t use a simply shortcut like “v” - must use a modifier key - “option - v”
  • the popover window to move a message will not appear in fullscreen mode
  • the design is dated

It is functional, but I much prefer MAO.

Trying out MailHub – what a great find! I use MAO for more than just filing though (I also make use of MailTags and their Signature app), so I will still need MailSuite when released. But I’m considering MailHub for filing purposes only. Though the built in Reminders feature makes me want to look at GoodTask3 for my email follow-up system.

I already have Keyboard Maestro, but I’m at a loss for how to set it up to get that functionality. Any suggestions?

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Odd they have not sent any kind of an update on this yet…

They don’t have a beta somewhere I don’t know about right? lol.

I use the favourites bar of Apple Mail for my frequently used filing targets. You can file messages in one of this folders by using the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl-Cmd-1 to Ctrl-Cmd-9. Those numbers are hard to remember so I use keyboard shortcuts in Keyboard Maestro to recreate my old MailActOn shortcuts. For example Ctrl-M triggers a Ctrl-Cmd-5, moving the selected message in my Mac mail folder. Hope that helps.


Great tip on Keyboard Maestro!

Speaking of Mail Act On… Today was supposed to be the day! :crossed_fingers:

Unfortunately they’re not the most reliable in my experience. I think it was 10.9 or so the apps didn’t ship for several months after the new OS X version came out.

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So it’s now available on their website, but it’s listed as being in beta. Also it’s $60. Wasn’t it supposed to be $30?

Greetings, has anyone downloaded the beta of MailSuite yet? When I installed all of the apps, my wouldn’t open after restarting to enable the security preferences. I removed them all and just installed MAO but none of my rules sync. I contacted support but presume they will be slammed for the next few days. Curious if anyone was able to get their rules to sync.

I did download install - so far works great - not sure about the price… didn’t prompt me for anything yet in terms of needing to pay, etc.


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After deleting all caches, uninstalling MAO, restarting and reinstalling MAO, I was able to get my rules to sync. Sigh of relief as I was not up to redoing them all.

The beta has been pretty rough for me. Lots of crashes and spinning beachballs. Anyone else experiencing issues?

No way in hell would I install software in beta like this for something as mission critical as email.