Mail Act-On Alternative

Nice. I’ve also built a script filter but it uses a fixed csv of folders (and accounts, so it works if the names are the same) to which I can easily add a folder. I found running AppleScript to get the list of folders was too slow given how many I have.

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Thanks @ldebritto for your suggestion, and for putting that on GitHub. I’ve tried downloading and installing the Alfred workflow - after setting up the hotkey, I can trigger the workflow - there’s a very brief flash of the attached image, before it disappears and I’m left with the Alfred search bar:

However, then typing the name or partial name of any folder doesn’t bring up a list of folders:

Do you have any suggestions as to how to troubleshoot this? Although I use Alfred many times a day to launch apps and run specific queries against different search engine URLs, I’ve never explored the workflow side of it.