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Hi Guys!

I want to get ALL mail in one place - personal, work, family, etc. And I want GREAT and RESPONSIVE search functions, but I don’t want to use pop (like I"m doing in google for work mail coming from office 365) and end up with duplicate messages. All other accounts are in google though.
And ideas?

Use one of your Google accounts (or create another one) as your “main” account and forward all of your other mail to that account.

Hello, and thanks for the advice.
I did that, but it ends up duplicating the messages received from my work outlook address. That makes a mess of things in apple mail, which is what I prefer to use on a daily basis. I would rather Gmail not remove the message from the original outlook server when sending it to Gmail, but I haven’t found a way around that.

What accounts are active in now?

Surely in 2018 your office can provide imap as well as pop?

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First off, quit using POP. That’s ancient tech at this point. IMAP solves many of the problems of multiple devices. I turn off the “on my Mac” folders and keep everything on iCloud.

I forward all of my personal mail to the iCloud address. Most services will delete the forwarded messages from their server, so there isn’t much duplication. Yahoo is the exception to that for me. For some reason they insist on keeping the messages in the yahoo inbox, so I occasionally go to the yahoo inbox and just delete everything.

(I know, yahoo is not trustworthy and needs to be spanked into oblivion, but a 20 year history is difficult to break, so I tend to keep all the web sites and subscriptions there and real mail goes directly to iCloud.)

I like this idea…

Does Icloud allow ‘send as’ from the affiliated icloud account?

Only if you have the other account set up in The good news there is that you can set the account to be “offline” and still send messages from that account, so it won’t download duplicate messages. Just select the sending address from the new mail composition window.

The main limitation to this is that taking the account offline only works on macOS. If you disable the account in iOS, it disappears from mail completely. Similarly, iCloud on the web does not seem to allow you to set up non-iCloud email, so the web interface does not work to consolidate.

I’m only doing this with the Apple mail apps. Someone else may be able to chime in if something like Airmail handles it better cross-platform.

Edit: I should also note that I am not forwarding my Exchange email to iCloud, only Yahoo and Gmail. I keep Exchange separate, so I’m not sure how Exchange handles the forward (if it deletes it from the server or not – from one of your earlier posts it sounds like it may not).

Edit2: One other thing, I use Mail Act-On to create outbox rules to move sent items from the other accounts to my iCloud sent folder.

Sorry for necro’ing the thread, but I use Fastmail for this and it’s pretty great. You can import the email into Fastmail, then set up Fastmail with any regular mail app.