Mail and DEVONthink

Can anyone point me in the right direction, please?

I have successfully installed the DT mail Add-on/ Plug-in, however the Add to DEVONthink action doesn’t appear in the contextual menu (right click on a message), only under the Mailbox and Message menu items. Is that right? Or have I missed something in either Mail or DT preferences? I also use SmallCubed’s MailTags plug-in (highly recommended), which adds various actions to the contextual menu, so for me it’s the natural place to look. Is there a way to add the Add to DEVONthink option to the menu?

Also, the Add to DEVONthink option under both Mailbox and Message menu items have the same keyboard shortcut. Should they? Being a bit ham fisted I’ve already managed to inadvertently start copying my entire mailbox rather than a specific message … more than once.

Finally, it’s nice that MailTag tags are copied to DT, but is there a way to have DT recognise MailTag projects? I use mail rules to assign both tags and a project to emails and it would be nice if the project was copied (either as a tag, or better custom metadata) so I could then use DT rules to move emails to the right database and group. Alternatively, is there a way to tell DT which mailbox folder an email has come from? That would let me do the sorting in Mail and use knowledge of the mailbox folder from which the email was copied to drive DT.


PS I’ve cross posted this question on the DT discourse.

PPS Thanks to @macsparky for the field guide – I’ve used DT for a while and never even knew there was a mail plug-in, it was all drag and drop before!

  • DEVONthink does not modify Mail’s contextual menu – so, no, the commands will not appear there.
  • The Add to DEVONthink shortcuts in Mailbox and Message menus should be different. Out-of-the box they are, respectively ^⌥⇧⌘M, and ^⌥⌘M - the difference being the use of the Shift key for the command to add entire mailbox(es). No point in figuring why they are different – just fix the shortcuts in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
  • The DEVONthink forum can help with the projects question.

@quorm Thanks, I didn’t know that you could change shortcuts, let lone for an individual application. You learn something new …

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Short note of thanks to Jim Neumann at Devon Technologies – couple of emails and a script arrived yesterday evening which grep’s the project name from the X-Mailtags header and moves the email to a group of that name. Excellent customer service.

I’m hoping the script should be straight forward to extend to cover Mailtag’s tags so that any email dragged into the Inbox can be both moved to a project folder and have any tags attached in Mail applied.

Looks like I may start falling down the automation rabbit hole …


My pleasure and a fun little script to spin up quickly :slight_smile: