has gone wildly out of sync with IMAP

Hi MPU Family,

This afternoon on MacOS has gone way out of sync. 163 emails have reappeared unread in my inbox. But this is only on MacOS. On iOS and on the web backend (I’m using Zoho Email as an IMAP) everything looks as it should.

Rebuilding the mailbox has made no difference, neither has restarting the app (and the computer). Any ideas other than deleting the account and starting again?

You did not explain why you do not want to delete the account. As you are using IMAP, a good idea (after you have done what you said you have already done) is to delete the account, and re-setup. Before doing so, as a backup to protect what you do have locally, is to export the mailbox to a local drive, for “just in case”.

I’ve just found a post on the Zoho forums. Looks like the problem’s on their end.

And I had just deleted the account and set it up again - with no fix…that’s why I went to their forums.

Contacting ZoHo also occurred to me, but dropped from my head before completing the message. Glad to hear on way to being resolved.

Just get then you don’t need to worry about IMAP! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I thought it was just me… we had a power surge and everything went crazy. My gmail works fine but Icloud keeps trying to use a server that is unknown to me and so it refuses it and I have to use the gmail server and then my email sent has .gmail instead of .icloud or .me. All this happened after I updated to Catalina. I was afraid to delete icloud and add it back as I have a ton of mailboxes on my mac only that I am afraid I would lose. I don’t know how to back them up… Do I export each of them separately or can I export “all on my mac”??? This is more problematic because software that is using my icloud address won’t recognize the gmail address… what a mess

Hi @kattnip333,

The problem I originally posted about ended up being a bug on the IMAP server, which the provider fixed pretty quickly.

Since iCloud uses IMAP, if you delete it from your Mac everything should come down the same, since ‘the truth is in the cloud’. But maybe you should log in to first to check things look good there.

I was told by a friend to go to the iCloud via safari log out. shut down. restart, and go back to iCloud via safari and sign back into iCloud. after doing this all worked fine and I didn’t get the server erro message anymore. It’s been a few days and all still seems to be working perfectly. Perhaps if you try this it may recycle also.