Rules and Archive

I use several Mail Rules to sort (move) my email into different folders/mailboxes. Several mail accounts gmail and non-gmail and it all works quite well… with one nagging bugbear.

Mail keeps a copy of the moved mail in the Archive folder. Any solutions how not to do that?

I have one particular folder that is for temporary emails that once I check I delete, these same emails accumulate in the Archive folder and it’s one of those minor irritants that I’m hoping someone has found a solution to.

The Archive folder is generally a server-side location for any given account. You can set it in Preferences > Accounts > Mailbox Behaviors.

Thanks. I know about that setting and it’s on or off for the whole mailbox. I only want the specific email flagged in my Rule to not go to Archive.

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So I tried setting up the same rule in Gmail yielding the same undesired results.
Anyone with Mail Rules deal with an Archive full of redundant email?
Maybe the question I should be asking you all is what do you do to keep your Mail Archive cleaned up?

I don’t use gmail but I use a lot of rules. Nothing has ever ended up in my archive folder if I didn’t manually archive it myself. Maybe I’m not understanding the issue completely.