Mail flags in iOS are orange while Red on Mac

When I flag an email in Apple’s native Mail app on iOS, it shows an orange flag, as intended. The same email shows in Mail on macOS as having inherited a red flag. My default on Mac is to have an orange flag.

In fact, I even changed the iOS flag color to green on one email, and it still showed up as red on macOS. It’s like the macOS Mail app doesn’t respect iOS colors.

Additionally, I just tried the reverse - iOS doesn’t respect Mac flag color - yet they both understand that there is a flag, and they sync immediately.

Anyone else having this issue?

Turns out red flags sync fine on both. Strange.

This is the single most irritating thing in in this ecosystem apart from the lack of a sharesheet.

I was battling it for years when suddenly three years ago somehow macos understood that when I flagged an item orange on mac and on ios I wanted it to show up orange.

I’ve found since then that as long as I keep the flag color set as orange on both OS’ it will show up correctly.

Now just to fix the fact that 3rd party flags still show up as read. As a thunderbird user on some macs and linux machines this is very frustrating…

I have this script run on every new mail that drops in my mac inbox:

tell application “Mail”
set allMessage to every message of inbox whose (flagged status is true)
repeat with MyMessage in allMessage
set flag index of MyMessage to 1 – set first color for the flag (-1 remove the flag)
end repeat
end tell

And I have the same script in Keyboard Maestro to run with a keyboard combination (hyperkey-F) when I still see some leftover items.

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Thanks for this! Glad I wasn’t alone. Hopefully macOS and iOS/iPadOS updates this fall will fix the issue, since Mail is getting some new features. One can hope!