Mail glitchy with iOS 15.6.1

Am I the only one with a glitchy screen in mail? The top up/down row arrows and edit link on right and the mailbox name / back arrow on left are stacked up such that the edit button doesn’t work. Can’t select multiple and delete e.g. have they just totally abandoned mail?

I, at least, am not seeing that. I assume you’ve restarted your phone?


+1 for restarting the iPhone.

While I have not seen it happening under 15.6.1, I have had issues like that with several OS versions (not very often, but I has happened), also under iPadOS.

I have not figured out what triggers this overlapping of multiple UI elements. I am not even sure, if it is a Mail issue or if it is an underlying issue with a framework or whatever. When it happened to me, the UI apparently did not refresh parts of the screen correctly when navigating through the app.

Killing the app or restarting the device always fixed the issue for me.

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