Mail Merge from List/Dictionary of Email Addresses and Associated First Names

I love Rose’s “mail merge” shortcut from the Automators’ email episode. But, that shortcut started with email addresses that were selected from the Contacts app. Instead, I’d like to create a Dictionary of email addresses and first names (where each key is an email address and that key’s value is the first name of the person with that key’s email address). I’d then then like to have the “Repeat with Each” action cycle through each key/value pair in the dictionary so as to (1) assign the email address to the “To” line in the “Send Email” action and (2) assign the first name to a named variable in a block of pre-written text that comprises the body of the email. I’ve tried several approaches myself, but fail to get the shortcut to work as desired. Any help would be very, very much appreciated. And, of course, apologies if this has been addressed previously. Many thanks, Charlie

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To me that sounds like a good use for MailChimp or other real e-mail management system.