Mail Merge without Microsoft Office

Well, it’s Christmas card time again and since I don’t have my Office Subscription I figured that Pages/Numbers would have an easy alternative to Word’s Mail Merge functionality.

Well, if it does, I missed it.

I could not figure out how to create a sheet of labels in Pages from a Numbers file! Is this possible? I seriously figured that I must be missing something obvious.

Is this possible?

You might find a script on Or if you are willing to use the Mac Contacts app there is this:

I still keep iWork 2009 (the last version before it goes iOS-ified) around for mail merge purposes.

It works great, and much easier than I’ve ever found MSOffice.

If you would like to download it, you can grab these two files (465mb) (380mb)

(I assume that Apple would have no problem with this since those apps were made free for pretty much everyone. In fact you can probably still find both of those DMGs on Apple’s support website somewhere, I just saved them because I was afraid they’d disappear eventually.)

n.b. Don’t worry, you can easily install the iWork 2009 alongside the new iWork apps. The new apps install themselves to /Applications/ but the older ones install to /Applications/iWork ‘09/ or something like that. (I’m on my iPad at the moment.)

@tjluoma Thank you!

Seriously, much appreciated.

Glad my pack-rat tendencies might help actually come in useful! :smiley:

I hope it works out for you. I haven’t had to do a mail merge for awhile, but I do remember it being fairly easy whenever I needed to do it before. The integration with Pages and Numbers was the thing I always really liked.

Since Apple (FINALLY!) added 2-up view to “New Pages” I actually don’t use “Old Pages” that much anymore, since it’s obviously easier to switch between Mac and iOS if you’re using the “New iWork” apps on the Mac, but I like the safety-net of knowing the old apps are there for things like this.

It’s probably overkill for most, but I’ve good experiences with this Mac app for dealing with label printing:

Avery has a web-based app.

LibreOffice is free and does it all.


It is on sale on the Mac App Store for 50% off right now.

Seems like it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. But maybe it’s feature-complete?