Mail on both iPad and MBP

I just read David’s article about giving the MacBook to his daughter and just using the iPad Pro and iMac. I am trying to do the same but I can’t figure out how to change my mail system to work. I am sure that someone has solved this dilemma and hopefully can share your solution. I tried a search of the site for the solution but I can’t seem to find it if it has already been covered.

I have always used the plain old Apple/Mac mail app that ships with the devices. Accounts are all either Exchange, IMAP, or iCloud, so all email syncs perfectly.

Only one issue keeps me from being able to travel with the iPad exclusively.

  1. I have always used mail rules to file the incoming emails into their respective “On My Mac” folders and then read them from the “Unread” folder. Of course, I can’t see those new emails on the iPad because they are not in the “Inbox” anymore. I could change the rules to not fire and file until the emails have been “read” but that does not alleviate the second issue.

  2. Same problem if I need to refer back to an old email filed in “On My Mac” folder. I can’t get to it from the iPad because, obviously, it is “on my Mac”.

I am prepared to change to and learn a new mail app if necessary. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


I would suggest a simple solution: move these folders into your email somewhere, I have an archive folder for them all. Then you can continue to use Mail rules, or switch to using server side rules.

I have an iCloud email account. Can I just “drag” them to that account?

Or create an archive folder “On my Mac” and drag the newly created archive folder to iCloud?

Yes, that should work!

On the MBP, I created a “test” folder to move to iCloud. The system will not allow me at append that folder as a subfolder to iCloud “inbox” folder at the top of the left panel. Below that area are the smart folders, On my Mac, followed by Exchange and Gmail folders, buy NO iCloud folder. I can see the iCloud folders on the iPad, including an empty folder named “Archive”. What must I do to see the iCloud folder on the MBP? I’m feeling dumber by the minute!

Right-click over the Inbox folder for you icloud account. You should see an option to create a new mailbox. Despite the use of that term, that’s what you want. It should then show up in the list below. (I’ve always found the term mailbox to be confusing when you are talking about what I’m used to calling a folder.)

Edit: I should preface that with clicking on the disclosure triangle for Inbox in order to get to the one specifically for ICloud or Exchange or whatever.

Unfortunately, some of the “moved” mailboxes are empty. Tuesday, when I am back at my office where the backups are located, I will try to figure out how to restore the original mailboxes and abandon the effort. Sadly, I appear doomed to have to carry the MBP with me if I want access to “filed” emails.