Mail rules with „hide my email“

I just wanted to create a rule in macOS mail app (Ventura) and move mails to a specific folder that were send to a specific „hide my email“ address that I used to sign up for something.
However when I set the rule to activate on „ to > contains > MyHiddenEmailAddress“ it doesn’t work? Interestingly when I manually search in mail for „to: MyHiddenEmailAddress“ I getting all the emails as expected.

Is that a bug in Apples Mail rules? Or am I doing something wrong? Does anyone has an idea how to get that rule working?

Thank you :pray: in advance

I don’t use this feature but Apple says “Hide My Email generates unique, random email addresses that automatically forward to your personal inbox.”

So the messages you are receiving are being forwarded to to you, not to the “hide my” address. If you can search for these messages there must be information in a message header that would allow you to filter them. If so you may be able to create a custom rule if allows this.

You can see these using View/Message/All Headers.

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Thank you for the hint for the mail header; is has many references to the hidden mail address (and some IDs that Apple maybe used to link that mail to my actual email? Not sure.
Anyways I got a rule working on my Macbook Pro but that exact rule won’t work on my iMac despite me checking everything and both machines being in the same OS version :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. But I guess I call this a day as it’s enough when it’s working on one Mac anyways :blush:.

Thanks again

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