Mail- Send Later

Is it possible to change the defaults for send later in Mail? I get tonight 900 pm and tomorrow 8:00 am. I would like to change the default time to 6:00 am without having to cha ge each email

Sadly, no, I don’t think that’s possible (I have been using Send Later in the quite a bit lately as well). Some other email clients let you customise the defaults (e.g. Spark); seems to be stuck with 08:00/21:00 (9 PM) as its defaults.

I realize you’re not asking about an alternative to Mail, but Mailmate supports natural-language send times, like “tomorrow at 9 am,” with defaults configurable.

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There is the “Send Later” option in the dropdown menu where you can pick any date and time you want to schedule the email.

I’ve automated this bit with keyboard maestro. I’ll include a link later.

See keyboard maestro macro Custom Time Send Later with Apple Mail