MailChimp - User Sign Up?

I am not sure how to best word this…if anyone have knowledge or think of an option, let me know.

I have an audio app for my community. I hired a developer to build it for and it has been running well for a few years. I use mailchimp to send out newsletters to the users.

Generally, my process is this, each time I send out a mailchimp email (I limit it to 2-4x per year) but I may increase it in the coming year to monthly.

I generally export the email field of the user database and import it in MailChimp.

Problems with this.

  1. it’s manual
  2. doesn’t capture the users who don’t install the app, but follow the social media pages.


In case #2, you don’t have their email addresses because they’re only on social….correct?

Maybe a website where you can capture an email address, and occasional posts to the social media inviting people to go sign up?

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This is true. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Too caught up in things and trying to stay focused. Yes, you are right. So then the old thing would be finding a better/automated way of getting email addresses from the database into mailchimp to avoid the manual work.

Mailchimp have

1, an api for the database. Your developer might be able to help you out here, this would be the way to go if you’re talking high volume.
2, sign up forms. Those are very easy to build.

For #1 it would be good manners (and required for GDPR compliance) to get expressed consent from the user to subscribe them to your newsletter and store their information in your database. You may also need a way to have them re-subscribe if they do unsubscribe, intentionally or not.

Thinking about it, since you need to collect consent perhaps your app can simply point them to #2.

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