Maillard reaction and Apple Pencils

Many of you who are into cooking and baking may be familiar with the Maillard reaction, which creates lots of wonderful flavor compounds in your food, and is responsible for turning crusts brown. Maillard reaction - Wikipedia

What you may not know is that it seems to work equally well at browning an Apple Pencil that might have been accidentally left on the counter on which a baked dish was placed fresh out of the oven. Unbeknownst to the chef, the baked dish–which oddly did not rest flat on the counter–rested on the Pencil until long after dinner was over and the dishes were being washed. The result:

While it looks interesting, I do not recommend this as the Apple Pencil sacrifices its normal functioning after undergoing the reaction.

Thanks to AppleCare+, the unwitting science experiment and my folly cost me only $US29 and a bunch of time.


Sacrificing your Pencil to what looks like the Zombie Apocalypse is probably a better outcome than if you had inadvertently mistaken a MacBook for a warming tray :slight_smile:

Apple might want to add “Kitchen Safety” to its Tips app.

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It would save them a ton on warranty claims! (assuming I’m not an outlier, which may be a faulty assumption.)

Wow, an image of the inside of the Apple Pencil! Thank you for your sacrifice :joy:


Oh. That hurts!! Glad you had +