MailMate with Office 365?

MailMate tempts me.
My school offers Office 365 which includes email, and of course works pretty well with the Exchange servers.
MailMate only supports IMAP, so I wonder if anyone is successfully using MailMate with the and servers. That is, through IMAP/SMTP, and not Exchange.
Or in lieu of that, using another IMAP client with office365.

I use Office365 exclusively with MailMate and I haven’t had any issues. :blush:

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I use Office365 IMAP with Apple Mail and Apple Notes. It works well.

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Seems to be working, thanks @kennonb & @jahala.
I’m beginning to like MailMate. Not sure why exactly lol

What’s the advantage of mailmate over Apple mail or outlook?

Yea MailMate is not the prettiest email app but I love love love the customization, markdown supoort, and bundle support. It’s the only email client I’ve used that supports code snippets easily (because of the Markdown editor).

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If those apps work well for you then you may not need MailMate but I always found them to be lacking in many areas.

  1. The main one always being writing an email message. I write most things in Markdown and having native support baked into my editor is absolutely wonderful.

  2. Exporting email. I often export email to different systems. DEVONthink, Keep It, my task manager, and even my file system sometimes. MailMate’s bundles make this a breeze.

  3. It has a JSON syntax for setting keyboard shortcuts to literally any action in the app. I can navigate to any area of the app with my keyboard with only a few key strokes.


Follow up question, what iOS mail application(s) play nicely with MailMate?
I was watching a SCO screencast, and had high hopes for Dispatch, but the developer doesn’t recommend it for Exchange-based email. I presume that includes IMAP-Exchange as well.
I would like message:// links that would work on macOS and iOS, with the ability to send to Things. Bonus points for DEVONthink (on iOS).

I use Airmail with this Workflow action. It strips the Airmail URL for the universal message ID and creates a Mail/MailMate compatible message URL. You could duplicate this and send it to DEVONthink instead of Things 3.

Here are the settings I use in Airmail’s Custom Action for Workflow.



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Very slick!
I didn’t know Airmail had all that going on behind its pretty face.
As far as I can find, adding a note like this isn’t possible with DT. There is a canned action which adds an airmail url, but apparently no DT support in Workflow. (Though I may have missed something.)

Thanks again!

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You bet. :blush:

You should be able to use the DEVONthink URL scheme to add a new note with the email’s content & message URL.