MailTags Changes

I searched and didn’t find anything posted about the changes coming to MailTags: Smallcubed is changing to a subscription model. I might be ok with that, but I’m less happy about their decision to store tags remotely on their own servers (admittedly encrypted) or the tags won’t sync.

This may be brilliant and I just need to wrap my head around it properly, but I confess I don’t like it. I need to research and figure out if it’s only the tags that are stored (likely?), or my email too. If the matter, I think that will be the end for me. :frowning:

As it is, I’m not keen that the current version won’t work on Mojave, and the new version isn’t due until October 15. So…I guess I can’t tag mail till then or choose not to upgrade. That’s a bit vexing.

Here’s a link to the FAQ:

Are there other ways to tag email? Perhaps I can do something in Automator or Keyboard Maestro? What are the rest of you doing for email tags? Do you even? Or perhaps I need to archive mail differently and only tag them (as a saved PDF in DEVONthink Pro Office?) if they’re worth archiving.

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Their FAQ isn’t quite clear about the subscription (does “continue to work on Mojave indefinitely” mean after that it is subscription based?):

  1. Now that you are providing a Tag Syncing Service, are you moving to a subscription model?
  • No. If you purchase this upgrade of MailSuite for Mojave and continue to work on Mojave indefinitely, you will not have to pay for continued access to the syncing server.

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I’m using MailMate now, which has tagging built in, plus a lot more.


I jumped all in to MailTags, when I planned on using exclusively…

That was before Outlook for Mac improved to the point where it became useable/relatively feature-comparable to PC/Windows… I’m now doing the bulk of my work-related email management inside Outlook, and only have for my Gmail accounts, of which 95% are “newsletter” emails, with the occasional statement/software licence email in between…

It’s been quite eye-opening how little “personal” email I now receive, with most communication between friends/family happening over messaging services…

Long-story short - doubt I will jump over to a subscription service for them. Had I been all-in on, this would have been a far tougher question… Hope they make a success of it, it remains a potentially powerful plug-in to have…

LOL – What part of “no” is unclear?

It probably means there’s no subscription but there might be an suite upgrade for SmallCubed on 10.15. They also mention they are looking into a self-hosted sync solution. The sync solution is optional and only needed if you want your tags and rules available on other devices.

I’d probably jump on Outlook, but no iCloud Contacts or CardDAV integration is a deal-breaker for me.

I’m happy with this. I’ve always felt a bit guilty about jumping away from Apple Mail because of the amount of cash I’ve spent on Mail Tags and Act On over the years. For me they were essential in order for Apple Mail to work the way I wanted it to (I echo @katiefloyd in wondering why Apple doesn’t give Mail more useful love emojis? seriously?!) - although I admit I probably never used them to the absolute limit.

Happy with Airmail (for now…)

I’m missing the tags as well since upgrading to Mojave. My system heavily depends on using tags that are my OmniFocus projects - which has proven very helpful. Then I use a combination of these mail/OF tags and other terms (such as specific keywords in the emails) to create smart mailboxes.
So I probably will upgrade to the new Mailtags version - if (!) this will work again with Omnifocus (3).

Is there any new information on the status of mail tags and their update?

The new MailSuite is available (officially still in beta) from the smallcubed web site. It is a paid upgrade but seems to be working fine.

Given an earlier donation, I qualified for a discount on the current upgrade price – which is nice. Installed MailSuite a few moments ago, and seems to be working.

Silly question – am I correct in my understanding that creating a sync-profile is only of use if you have two instances of, and two instances of MailSuite installed across two Macs, and want them to communicate their tags with one another?

I have my primary MBP, and a secondary MacMini. Manage my personal email on the MBP – with me hardly ever having Mail open on the Mini…

In that context, no need to set-up a sync-profile, correct?